Denton Women’s Interracial Fellowship Monument

Public-Art Installation

Reimagining what art monuments can be, artworks dispersed throughout a public park convey a powerful legacy of courage and love. The art honors and commemorates a maverick group of civil rights activists who improved Denton’s race relations in the 1960s. Bridging racial barriers through friendship, the women eased public-school integration while winning major living-standards improvements for Denton’s African American community. In a contemporary take on yesteryear’s sculpture gardens, monument sized lenticular discs morph and change as viewers enter the park, while colorful images fused into aluminum are suspended from a 24-foot wide stainless steel arc. Learn more.

Commissioned by: City of Denton Texas - Public Art Program
Installed: December 2021
Materials: Lenticular print, stainless steel, dye-sublimation powder coating, aluminum

Artist Interview & Unveiling Ceremony

Credits & Fabrication

Artist – Dina Fisher

Engineering – Param Doshi

Powder-Coated Graphics – ALTO™ Aluminum

Lenticular Printing – Southern California Graphics

Pathway Lighting – Access Fixtures

Steel Welding – Metalrite

Signage Cabinets – Legacy Signs of Texas

Untitled Document