Meditation Drives the Show

Beneath a glowing pyramid, a seasoned meditator sits peacefully in lotus position, wearing an EEG (brain wave) headband. As their meditation deepens, the pyramid pulses and responds.


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Mind Murmur @ Burning Man
Programmed Fractals
Real-time Response

Brain Wave Controlled


Brain Waves

Mind Controlled

An EEG headband captures live brain waves from a person meditating beneath the pyramid. The pyramid responds with EEG-driven projection, lights and sound.


Deepening State

Meditators are the crown jewel of Mind Murmur. As their meditation deepens into Alpha and Theta brain wave states, video and sound become increasingly lush.



Live EEG data drives mammoth fractal art that blooms across the pyramid's walls. Color, speed, and shape shift with the meditator's brain states. watch


Meditative Sound

Sensual sound flows through the pyramid, cued by the meditator's brain waves. Animal calls, heartbeats, murmured prayer, synths, chimes and bells... sonified, sculpted, musically intertwined. listen


Responsive Chandelier

Color and intensity pulse in rhythm along the pyramid's vertices and chandelier. DMX-controlled LED ropes respond as the meditator transitions between brain-wave states.

Open Source

Extending Code

Mind Murmur uses an elegant custom algorithm to discern shifts between meditative states. Our code base is free and open for creatives to extend and reuse. learn more

Fractals Equipt Design
LEDs & Projection Goodman's Burger
Live EEG Paper Mockup
Adjusting Projectors Equipt Design
Fractals Goodman's Burger
Live Meditation Paper Mockup
Crew @ Burning Man Wine Bottles
Tensioning Turnbuckles Simple Pleasure
Fractals Web UI
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  • Overview

    Full Installation

    See the Mind Murmur pyramid come alive during live meditation sessions. LEDs, projections and soundscape respond in real time to brain-wave fluctuations. watch

  • Bliss

    Fractals & Sound

    Soundscape and fractal art excerpted from Mind Murmur installation. Simulation of meditation states created from EEG data recorded during a live Mind Murmur meditation session. watch

  • Waves

    EEG Monitor

    Watch EEG-data waves recorded during a Mind Murmur meditation session. In the background, see the EEG data control fractal art that was simultaneously projected onto the pyramid walls. watch

  • Get Close


    Get a close-up view of a meditator experiencing Mind Murmur at Burning Man. watch


Mind Murmur programmatically senses five levels of meditation by parsing real-time EEG brain-wave data from live meditators. Five corresponding sound tracks were composed by sound-artists Julia Burke Ferguson and Dina Fisher (with creative direction by Dina).

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Our Techology & Science

Tech Overview

Mind Murmur gathers brain wave data with the Muse EEG headband. Our fabulously talented programmers worked with brain scientists to develop custom algorithms distinguishing between five levels of meditation. The pyramid's lights, fractal art and soundscapes programmatically respond as meditators transition through those five states.

Elegant Algorithm

As a base of our analysis, we chose frontal alpha rhythm sensor readings for a baseline metric to assess the current state of a person’s mind during meditation, because the activity of alpha rhythms are proven to be associated with a state of relaxation and calmness, which characterizes the desired meditation effect...

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EEG Data

EEG (electroencephalography) records brain electrical activity, divided into bands by frequency, known as alpha, beta, gamma, delta and theta waves. Mind Murmur uses the Muse headband's four electrodes to monitor frontal and temporal lobes. Take a look at meditators' EEG data gathered by Mind Murmur...

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Dina Fisher

Lead Artist, Project Director
Los Angeles

Aurel Jacquot

Lead Programmer, Fractal Artist

Chris Adams

Australia, San Francisco

Julia Burke Ferguson

Sound Artist, Chicago

Egor Borisov

Palo Alto CA

Shawn Cutter

Tampa FL

Nir Lahav PhD

Science Consultation
Berkeley CA

Eti Ben Simon PhD

Science Consultation
Berkeley CA

Amir Wilf

Tel Aviv

Sofia Godovykh

Programmer, Logistics
San Francisco

Joy Fisher

Los Angeles

Joy Fisher

Robin Hild

Los Angeles

Justin Fabrikant

Structural Engineering

Courtney Larson

Nomadic Wanderer

Renewed Connections

Dina, Aurel and Nir collaborated on Midnight Star, a Burning Man 2017 Art Installation.

New Collaboration

The warmest welcome possible to new crew members. Bridging oceans, cultures, mountains and time zones, we collaborate remotely to bring art to fruition.


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