Commissioned for the Getty Center's 25th Anniversary Celebration

“Astrofengaiá” = the Greek word for starlight (Astrofengia) + Mother of All Life (Gaia)

Astrofengaiá is a creative meditation on cosmologic circularity. Designed to embellish the beauty of our solar system's resident star, it is a home-spun shrine to light. Lovingly made from upcycled and reclaimed materials, glistening surfaces create an enclosed meditative space. Pillows invite participants to relax and listen through headphones to a custom soundscape crafted from NASA archives, electronica, binaural beats, and more.

Astrofengaiá focuses on interconnectedness, reaching back to ancient themes while fostering modern recognition of our star’s communal membership in an ever-expanding stellar cosmos. Like our star, though each of us is one among billions, human actions reverberate. The artwork’s transmutation of refuse into a glistening meditative space subtly seeds linkages between social responsibility and personal wellbeing.

Materials: Upcycled trampolines and plastics diverted from landfill, polycarbonate, window film

Scheduled Appearances: Getty25 community festival July 9-10 2022, Burning Man August 28 - September 15 2022