Art Installation in Studio City

I've been commissioned to install one of my interactive art installations for LA River Arts. Funded by the California Arts Council, the event "Reflections: How does it Feel?" is a collaborative California Creative Corps project. Spoken-word artists and poets will perform along the LA River's shore in Studio City, CA. My artwork, Astrofengaiá— originally commissioned for the Getty Center— interacts deeply with both people and the environment.

Joshua Tree Music Fest Mural

What a pleasure to make artwork for Joshua Tree Music Festival, a four-day gathering in beautiful Mojave Desert just outside Joshua Tree National Park. My light-animated mural was installed beside a beautiful duck pond overlooking the festival's main-stage entrance. Hoping to return next year with interactive sound sculptures and other fun goodies. Lovely reconnecting with tea-house friends at Astro Mojo Dojo! See y'all next year.

Grant Award for Pollinator Art

Pleasantly surprised to have been awarded a Nextdoor Kind Foundation grant to create public art in Chatsworth CA. I'll be creating whimsical artwork that doubles as native-pollinator habitats. Special thanks to the historic Log Cabin Mercantile, where I'll install the artwork/habitats along a native-plant labyrinth. Requiring a potent blend of creativity and scientific research, the art will be both beautiful to humans and healthy for our bee friends.

Teleport Festival Art

My artwork graced Teleport Festival, outside Mojave California. Commissioned by camps Neosonica and Dustopia, the artwork utilized Adobe Firefly's AI content-creation toolset. I created a gorgeously colorful light-animated RGB mural, as well as a collaged static-imagery mural. The festival was a blast, with the added bonus of profuse wildflowers popping up across the wild desert expanse. So much fun.

Public-Art Workshop Lead

Excited to announce I'm leading a public-art workshop in conjunction with 11:11 Projects. Funded through generous public-art programs, the workshop —"Materials and Methods in Public Art Production"— will empower emerging artists to transform creative vision into concrete reality. I'll be sharing invaluable knowledge gained as an established public artist, focusing on materials, methods, and collaboration with fabricators, installers, engineers, and architects.

GLEAM Gala Opening

Join me for the gala opening of GLEAM Light-art Festival at Olbrich Gardens in Madison, Wisconsin. Thirteen art installations in which light is a primary medium will grace 16 acres of beautiful botanical gardens. My piece, Cosmic Garden, celebrates photosynthesis and star power with a light-animated mural and accompanying soundscape. GLEAM runs nightly from August 28 through October 28, 2023.

MOAH:CEDAR Exhibition

MOAH:CEDAR selected my work for inclusion in their Juried Art Exhibition 2023. The exhibition is a joint production with Lancaster's Museum of Art and History (MOAH). The exhibition will run from May 27 through July 9. All are welcome to attend the opening reception on Saturday evening, May 27. The annual all-media juried exhibition features artists from the Southern California region working across disciplines.

Granada Hills Pool Proposal

The Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs commissioned me to create a public art proposal for a mural overlooking a new pool at Granada Hills Recreation Center. Granada Hills is dear to my heart and I know it intimately, having graduated from its namesake high school. My proposed mural would cover the entire length of a new 68-foot-wide equipment building with strange and beautiful forms created through fearless experimentation and embrace of the "glitch" in Creative Suite.

Burbank Public Art Unveiling

Three years in the making, I'm thrilled to have officially turned my artwork over to the public. "The Answer is Yes" mural and interactive sound sculptures, boldly enliven Verdugo Park's main entrance. It's deeply gratifying to brighten a beloved park just a hop, skip and jump away from major film studios. Special thanks to 11:11 Projects for helping bring the project to fruition.

GLEAM Illuminated Art Festival

So excited to share the news that my proposal was accepted for GLEAM 2023, an illuminated-art festival in Madison Wisconsin. The yearly event runs for two months each Fall, featuring large scale light installations created by local, regional, and international artists. More than 30,000 visitors will stroll through Olbrich’s 16-acre garden after dark to see the Gardens in a whole new light!

Almost Done at Verdugo Park

I am so excited to be installing "The Answer is Yes" commissioned by the City of Burbank California! We're expecting a public unveiling of the completed project within the next few weeks. A playful mural featuring Burbank's Sister Cities youth program is already installed, soon to be followed by matching interactive sound components.

Elgin IL Public Art

The City of Elgin Illinois accepted my proposal for mural-art to be installed alongside Garfield Elementary School. The mural-art, printed on exterior-grade UV-protected vinyl, will be heat wrapped onto a large 2-piece utility box. Having once lived in Chicago's thriving creative community, I'm honored by this public-art commission within the Chicagoland metropolitan area.

Astrofengaiá Goes to Burning Man

The second showing of Astrofengaiá is on for Burning Man 2022. Originally commissioned for the Getty 25 festival, the artwork acts as a giant lens, focusing sunlight into gorgeous starburst patterns that flow and morph across the ground. Special thanks to Letao Zhang and other fearless souls for volunteering to isntall art in the harshest of desert environs.

Getty25 Commission

I'm enormously honored to create an art installation for the Getty Center's 25th Anniversary Celebration. My piece-- Astrofengaiá --is a creative meditation on cosmologic circularity. Lovingly made from upcycled materials, glistening surfaces create an enclosed meditative space. Pillows invite participants to relax while listening to a custom soundscape crafted from NASA archives and electronica.

Alto Interview

This excellent feature article spotlights my public artwork honoring the Denton Women's Interracial Fellowship Monument. It takes a deep look under the hood, discussing the art's social context, including my motivational aspiration toward redefining art monuments —both structurally and thematically— in today's American South. Read the article now.

Denton TV Interview

The City of Denton produced a lovely video publicizing the unveiling ceremony for the DWIF Memorial art installation I created. Joining the City's mayor on stage, I was honored to see several surviving members of the Fellowship seated at the front of a large crowd. The unveiling took place on December 11, 2021, after five full days of installing the artwork. Watch the video on YouTube.

LA Metro Illustration

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority hired me to create a colorful illustration depicting the flavor of a transit-line destination. My piece celebrates the neighborhood's iconic farmer's market, beloved eclectic shops, and prolific front-yard gardens. Floating orbs blend the area's agricultural heyday with contemporary aerospace presence.

Adams County Public Art

Thank you Adams County Public Art Program for commissioning me to create a public-art proposal. I'll be designing artwork as architectural cladding for two 20' foot tall wayfinding columns near Denver Colorado. Working closely with architects and stakeholders, I'll explore non-traditional uses of perforated metals, patinas and coatings, while advising on lighting and signage.

Virtual Burn 2021

Mind Murmur crew members reunite for Burning Man's 2nd online festival. I join forces with physicist Nir Lahav PhD for Philoso-Tea in Topia's Build-A-Burn Tea House, to lead conversations about the physics of consciousness, emergence theory, and elegant incorporation of bleeding-edge science and tech in contemporary artworks. Hosted by Sam Kaplan of SafeTea House.

DWIF Memorial Art

Denton Texas' Pubic Art Committee commissioned me to create a civic art memorial honoring a maverick group of black and white women who improved Denton's race relations in the 1960s. Reimagining what art monuments can be, artworks dispersed across a park convey the group's ethos, legacy and history. The artwork --fabricated ahead of schedule-- will be installed when the City completes site construction.

Record Chronicle - Interview

I was interviewed at length by the Denton Record-Chronicle newspaper. We discussed my upcoming art installation for Denton's newly renovated pocket park. Nestled amid the City's liveliest nightlife sector, the artwork engages tourists and citizens alike with interactivity, rich coloration and emotional resonance, while navigating complex racial histories in the deep South. Read the article here.

Greeley Cabinet Mural

Thank you to the City of Greeley Colorado's Public Art Program for commissioning my artwork for their Cabinet Mural Project. My wrap brings to life a heavily traveled stretch of sidewalk in front of the City's largest hospital. Centered thematically on unity and diversity, I employ bright colors and bold geometric shapes for human form, allowing persons of any ethnicity to freely identify with the colorful characters.


Burning Man burst onto screens across the world with Multiverse, their first-ever digital festival. I joined forces with irrepressible CoReality Collective by hosting in-depth Zoom discussions and virtual art installations in the Sparkleverse festival segment, curating conversational circles and art.

Denton Public Art Memorial

Thank you to the City of Denton Texas for selecting me to create a Public Art proposal honoring the legacy of the Denton Women’s Interracial Fellowship, a group of black and white women who helped integrate Denton in the 1960s. I'm honored to work on this timeless cultural theme which still resonates deeply within our national psyche today.

Mind Murmur @ MAPS

Mind Murmur held space at MAPS Bicycle Night, an online festival with 12,000 attendees from around the globe! Our Zoom exhibition featured brain-wave controlled fractal art & soundscapes, plus guided meditations and Q&A sessions. We proudly support MAPS' ground-breaking research in PTSD treatment.

Installations at the Station

I'm deeply honored to be commissioned by the NTC Foundation to create a proposal for Installations at the Station and Illuminate the Night. This public art program features semi-permanent outdoor art installations at Arts District Liberty Station in San Diego CA.

Mind Murmur @ "Symposium"

Mind Murmur joins forces with MythosOne to bring fabulous brain-wave controlled art to "Symposium," at Cross Campus in Santa Monica CA. The fortnightly event makes space for co-creativity and the high art of playfulness among high-energy creatives shaping culture in Los Angeles.

Immersive Art Experience

Mind Murmur created a beautifully curated experiential space at Future Self Party, which took over an entire skyscraper floor in Downtown Los Angeles. In conjunction with Safe Tea Shop, Mind Murmur's lush fractal art and soundscapes filled the curated room, anchoring the event.

Mind Murmur Video

Brain waves from live meditators control lights, sound and projection. As their meditation deepens, the Mind Murmur pyramid pulses and responds. Gorgeous fractal art, created from real-time brain wave data, blooms across the walls, while lights keep rhythm with the meditator's heart beat.

Watch the video on YouTube now.

The Entanglement - Podcast Interview

I sat down to chat with The Entanglement crew who run monthly conversational podcasts with artists and musicians. Watch on YouTube as we dive deep into creative inspiration, overcoming roadblocks, and the challenges of creating large-scale interactive art.

Watch the Podcast now.

Verdugo Aquatic Facility Art Project

Deep gratitude to the City of Burbank's Art in Public Places Committee for selecting me to create a public art installation. I'm working closely with the Committee to finalize artwork and plans for the Verdugo Aquatic Facility Public Art Project. I wholeheartedly look forward to the challenge and honor of creating beautiful and inspiring public art for the citizens of Burbank.

Burbank Art in Public Places

I'm deeply honored to be one of several artists selected to present a public-art proposal to the City of Burbank's Art in Public Places Committee. Special thanks to Addy Gonzalez Renteria of 11:11 Creative Collective for facilitating the process!!!

Learn more about Burbank's Public Art.

Mind Murmur v2.0

My art crew brought Mind Murmur back to Playa for Burning Man 2019. We had a great year, with lines of Burners eagerly waiting to meditate under our pryamid, to create art with their brain waves. Endless thanks to the dozens of artisans and builders who helped bring Mind Murmur to life. It was a huge and wonderful labor of love.

Learn more about Mind Murmur.

Love & Protect v2.0

At Burning Man 2019, I repurposed my Love & Protect Audubon art installation. In Zen-like simplicity, three tall thin graphic posts decorated the desert plain, calling event participants to love and protect the atmosphere which shelters all life on earth. Special thanks to Mind Murmur's art crew for helping with Love and Protect's installation, tear down and leave-no-trace site restoration!

Audubon Shelter Exihibition

Participation in "Shelter", a juried exhibition for the Audubon Center at Debs Park in Los Angeles. Selected artists placed conservation-themed art installations among the Center's trails and wildlife habitat. In conjunction with Arroyo Arts Collective.

Learn more about my project: Love & Protect.

Small Works Show

Exhibition in Embed Gallery's Small Works Show. Organized by 11:11 Creative Collective, the show marked the gallery's Grand Opening at Toolbox LA. Works smaller than 12"x12", any medium. The opening night party coincided with Toolbox LA's First Friday's event, with food trucks and DJs spinning.

Toolbox LA Artist Residency

My Artist Residency at Toolbox LA is complete, with the installation of two light-reactive murals. Organized by 11:11 Creative Collective, the residency ran during Fall 2018 and was a wonderful experience. I'm deeply thankful for the opportunity.

Learn more about the murals.