Venice Afterburn Exhibition

Join me for Venice Afterburn, November 1-3, for a mind-blowing annual art festival on the beach. I'll be firing up a mini installation of Mind Murmur, where meditators control fractal art and sound with their brainwaves. Dozens of veteran Burning Man artists will bring art cars, music, interactive art and all sorts of delight. The event is free for everyone!

Verdugo Aquatic Facility Art Project

Deep gratitude to the City of Burbank's Art in Public Places Committee for selecting me to create a public art installation. I'm working closely with the Committee to finalize artwork and plans for the Verdugo Aquatic Facility Public Art Project. I wholeheartedly look forward to the challenge and honor of creating beautiful and inspiring public art for the citizens of Burbank.

Burbank Art in Public Places

I'm deeply honored to be one of several artists selected to present a public-art proposal to the City of Burbank's Art in Public Places Committee. Special thanks to Addy Gonzalez Renteria of 11:11 Creative Collective for facilitating the process!!!

Learn more about Burbank's Public Art

Mind Murmur v2.0

My art crew brought Mind Murmur back to Playa for Burning Man 2019. We had a great year, with lines of Burners eagerly waiting to meditate under our pryamid, to create art with their brain waves. Endless thanks to the dozens of artisans and builders who helped bring Mind Murmur to life. It was a huge and wonderful labor of love.

Learn more about Mind Murmur

Love & Protect v2.0

At Burning Man 2019, I repurposed my Love & Protect Audubon art installation. In Zen-like simplicity, three tall thin graphic posts decorated the desert plain, calling event participants to love and protect the atmosphere which shelters all life on earth. Special thanks to Mind Murmur's art crew for helping with Love and Protect's installation, tear down and leave-no-trace site restoration!

Audubon Shelter Exihibition

Participation in "Shelter", a juried exhibition for the Audubon Center at Debs Park in Los Angeles. Selected artists placed conservation-themed art installations among the Center's trails and wildlife habitat. In conjunction with Arroyo Arts Collective.

Learn more about my project: Love & Protect.

Small Works Show

Exhibition in Embed Gallery's Small Works Show. Organized by 11:11 Creative Collective, the show marked the gallery's Grand Opening at Toolbox LA. Works smaller than 12"x12", any medium. The opening night party coincided with Toolbox LA's First Friday's event, with food trucks and DJs spinning.

Toolbox LA Artist Residency

My Artist Residency at Toolbox LA is complete, with the installation of two light-reactive murals. Organized by 11:11 Creative Collective, the residency ran during Fall 2018 and was a wonderful experience. I'm deeply thankful for the opportunity.

Learn more about the murals